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Travel back in time with Kathleen as she tells the true story of how the teddy bear came to be, as based on her book, “A Tale of Two Teddies.”

Over one hundred years ago, two teddy bears were created at the same time … one in Brooklyn, N.Y. and one in Germany. Both claim to be the first! Kathleen presents each bear’s side of the argument with a lively narrative and poster-sized illustrations. Then the listeners vote for the teddy bear they believe was the very first! The program concludes with a teddy bear drawing demonstration and activity.

This interactive 45 minute program is ideal for students grades K-2.
Click here to view reference letter and photos from The Smithsonian related to “A Tale of Two Teddies”.

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Join Kathleen as she retells a classic fable based on her book, “Town Teddy & Country Bear.”

Manhattan resident Tuxedo Teddy is stressed out in the city. Wyoming homesteader Bandanna Bear is bored stiff in the country. Convinced the other bear has “a perfect life,” they decide to swap places!

Kathleen presents their humorous adventures with poster-sized illustrations and a lively narrative. True to the format of a fable, the listeners learn a valuable lesson by the story’s end. The program concludes with a teddy bear demonstration and drawing activity.

This lively 45 minute program is ideal for grades K-2.

Pack your passport and travel with Kathleen on a virtual tour of twelve regions of the world.

Based on her book, “Global Gourmet,” Kathleen’s colorful poster-sized illustrations, travel photos and lively cultural anecdotes bring each region to life. Through active participation, students explore multicultural celebrations, holidays, foods, customs and traditions. World cultures are compared and contrasted. This fact filled program is a lesson in culture and a celebration of ethnic diversity.

This stimulating 45 minute program is ideal for students grades 3-6.

Second graders write and draw with author and illustrator Kathleen Bart in this teddy bear themed writing and drawing workshop. First, students draw along with Kathleen, creating their own imaginative teddy bear illustrations that provides the inspiration for a story. Next, the class brainstorms story ideas based on their teddy bear drawings. Finally, Kathleen helps the class organize their ideas into a story outline.

Through active participation, students learn to create the three elements of a story: character, setting and plot. Students leave the program ready to begin writing and drawing their very own teddy bear story. This workshop is most effective as a follow up to Kathleen’s “Tale of Two Teddies” or “Town Teddy & Country Bear” storytelling assembly.

This educational and engaging 45 minute workshop is offered for individual second grade classes.