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I loved to draw and paint as long as I can remember, and always knew I would grow up to be an artist. Like most artists, my art was shaped by my life and my personal experiences.

Color intrigued me! In kindergarten I was thrilled to discover that mixing red finger paint with black finger paint made maroon! A 64 pack of Crayola crayons quickly followed, and became my favorite childhood medium.

I had asthma as child, and was home sick a lot. It wasn’t fun being sick, but spending so much time at home helped me to develop my imagination and creativity. Drawing was a wonderful way to entertain and express myself. I filled sketch pads with pictures of cats, horses, ballerinas, princesses and anything else that captured my imagination.

Reading was another favorite pastime. Words and and pictures would whisk me away to a world where anything was possible. My favorite book was “Corduroy”. Seeing Corduroy the teddy bear come to life and roam the department store delighted me. That story would inspire my own teddy bear books years later when I became an author and illustrator.

However, I was a fashion designer first! My love of fashion was inspired by my mom. She was a very talented seamstress and would sew clothes for me. I was allowed to choose the patterns and fabrics she used. Once I entered high school, I took art and fashion design classes with wonderful teachers who encouraged me to pursue a career in fashion.

After earning a degree at The Fashion Institute of Technology, I enjoyed a ten year career as a fashion designer for Ralph Lauren. I designed the Polo Bear and even made a book about this Ralph Lauren teddy bear. That’s what rekindled my love of books and bears, and launched a long career as an author and illustrator of teddy bear themed children’s books. Interesting how one path unexpectedly leads to another, isn’t it?

Painting murals is my newest passion. I am a certified yoga teacher, so yogic symbols and philosophy influenced my recent paintings. I plan to focus on painting and will post new paintings here.